Transform your clients’
banking experience

As a consultant/VAR, you can deliver your clients an
integrated banking experience directly within their ERP or
accounting software without any IT lift — no guts, all glory.

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How FISPAN delivers
value for partners

Streamlined implementation

Our solution offers a straightforward and efficient implementation process with a clear and predictable timeline. No IT effort is required from you or your client.

Integrated banking solution

Optimize your clients’ AP process with our two-way sync. They can send payment instructions from the ERP to the Bank and receive bank data feeds back for easy reconciliation, eliminating dual and manual entries.

Build stronger partnerships

Empower your clients’ to take control of their financial processes and free up time to focus on their core business objectives.

Better banking experience
for your clients

Enhance your clients’ business banking with our seamless IT integration.
Contact us today and let us handle all the heavy lifting for you.

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My client used to do bank reconciliation once a month and it would take 10+ hours. We implemented FISPAN and it provides about a 60% reduction in their time to reconcile”

Brittany Russell Partner, Strategic Accounting Outsource Solutions, LLC

We integrate with most popular
ERP Solution Providers

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