Building business banking experiences for the future

FISPAN’s goal is to help banks easily connect with their corporate clients. We’ll help you deliver a differentiated, customer-centric banking experience directly into the place your customers manage their business: the ERP/accounting system. Contact us to learn about how we can help you with your business banking challenges.

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Our Vision

Business Banking is Ready For a Change.

Financial services are becoming seamlessly intertwined into the operational tools that businesses use. Despite a competitive landscape, FISPAN believes that banks are the best positioned to be the dominant providers of enterprise financial services. Brand trust, deep relationships, and lower servicing costs are all advantages that banks leverage to maintain their market share.

We Build the Tools to Help Banks Win.

Growing customer expectations and pressures from FinTechs will continue to force banks to bring their “A” game to business banking. FISPAN believes that the smartest and most adaptable banks will thrive in this world, winning new clients and consolidating market share by owning the convergence of the banking and accounting experiences.

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Meet The Team!

We are a global team of over 100 professionals with offices in Vancouver, Canada; New York, USA; and Odessa, Ukraine.
Lisa Shields

Founder, CEO





Andrea Zand

Co-Founder, Customer Experience

Claudia Mathieu

Compliance Officer / HR

Alissa Teotico

Business Operations

Connor Edwards

Operations Support

Clayton Weir

Co-Founder, Product & Strategy

Val Novikov

Co-Founder, CTO

Arseny Kostenko

SVP of Small Business Initiatives

Florian Krauthan

ERP Development Lead

Aleksey Hryshchenko

Platform Lead

Nigel Bateman

Solution & Innovation Delivery Manager

Megan Harris

Marketing Lead

Suyash Raj Bhandari

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Zack Manning

VP Sales - North America

Claire Robinson

Senior Project Manager

Anastasiia Poluian

Quality Lead

Kelly Morales

Creative Director

Claudia Mathieu

People Lead

Iqbal Singh

Banking Development Lead

Alissa Teotico

Implementations Lead

James Dowell

Software Developer

Renato Gaspar

Software Developer

Connor Edwards

Operations & Onboarding Specialist

Anubhav Shukla

Software Developer

Lasha Kvatashydze

Software Developer

Graham McLean

Product Owner

Joshua Desrochers

Account Manager

Dana Tong

Corporate Controller

David Maguire

Banking Business Analyst

Derik Fischer

Software Developer

Anne Berry

Operations Support Representative

Kamal Hassin

Head of Partnerships

Nitika Garg

Operations Support Representative

AJ Olpin

Cloud Engineer

Branka Nikolic

Head of Delivery

Anton Danylov

Software Developer

Antoine Dessart

Business Analyst

Priyanka Swain

Test Engineer

Edward Leung

Project Manager

Joanne Tong

Product Owner

Alexander Zagriychuk

Test Engineer

Maryam Hamidirad

Head of Cyber Security

Laura Logan Lane

Account Management Business Analyst

Eric Kolotyluk

Senior Software Developer

Andrea Weberling

Software Developer

Matt Cavezza

Business Operations Analyst

Andrew Lor

Software Developer

Craigh Ho Sui

Business Analyst

Edmond Yazbeck

Business Analyst

Angela Dai

Software Developer

Nick Arash Najib

Senior Cloud Engineer

Raman Clair

End-User Engagement Manager

Rumesha Yohani

Software Developer

Babak Mazhari

Intermediate Full Stack Developer

Rodrigo da Silva

Software Developer

Filip Ivan

Head of Business Integrations

Gurpreet Athwal

HR Operations Specialist

Keyi Ma

Business Development Manager

Shenis Osias

Junior UX/UI Designer

Kate Kim

Graphic Designer

Tenzin Ozaki

Business Development Manager

Mita Sarma

Project Manager

Karim Wazzan

Software Developer

Justin Eng

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Karla Samantha Bezerra Vale

Software Developer

Melanie Ho

Operations Implementations Analyst

Clodagh Behan

Project Manager

Ryan Tan

Software Developer

Matt Naish

Head of Product Strategy

César Dragunsky

Senior Software Developer

Puneet Deo

Operations Support Representative

Lucas Vieira

Development Lead

Jenna Major

Marketing Specialist

Meghan Wright

Business Associate

Mo Xue

Senior Software Developer

Noah Woogman

Business Analyst

Vladyslav Kutsevolov

Software Developer

Darren Li

Product Owner