Less manual tasks, more goals met

Book a demo and discover how to streamline your accounts payables, get rid of manual entries and other clunky processes right in your ERP or accounting system.

"This has saved us a 2 hour round trip to the office and post office into something done in 3 clicks. Every check run is saving us hours a week."

A Client of JP Morgan

"We no longer have to go into each record separately to check that each bill has been paid. It only takes about 5 seconds to pay everything all at once, whereas before, it would take 5 minutes for one single bill."

A Client of City National Bank

"With two clicks of a button, I can directly tell my bank to cut a cheque if the vendor doesn’t automatically accept the payment. All of the printing, signing, and mailing is taken care of instantaneously, and without even leaving our ERP."

A Client of KeyBank

"The embedded tool has really helped us to rethink and streamline our AP process. Using the plug-in has allowed us to take a step back and improve our entire workflow."

A Client of City National Bank