The future of commercial banking is integrated

FISPAN makes it simple for banks to remove friction and provide the banking experience of the future to commercial clients. We turn banking services into branded banking experiences embedded within the ERP and accounting software your clients rely on to run their business.


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An Enhanced Commercial Banking Customer Experience - With The Help of Contextual Banking

Learn how contextual banking makes it possible for your customers to realize the full value chain of the banking experience - on their terms. Within their ERP, your customers can manage payables, receivables, and banking transactions, as well as fully leverage lending services and purchase other financial services in near real-time. Take advantage of this embedded banking experience, because it’s here to stay.

Use contextual banking to rapidly connect and
scale your commercial banking services


Connect to ERPs

FISPAN’s contextual banking solutions enable your commercial clients to connect their ERP or accounting system directly to your banking services in minutes– not months.


Many Integrations

One-to-many integrations operate smoothly with both modern and cloud-based systems and proprietary legacy-based systems allowing you to support a wide range of client applications.


Contextual Experience

Customers can manage payables, receivables, and banking transactions as well as fully leverage lending services and purchase other financial services in near real-time, right in the context of their own ERP.

Interested in learning how FISPAN's contextual banking
solutions can work with your unique requirements?

Download our Cloud Banking Whitepaper to see the advantages of banking collaboration, or book a personalized demo.

Simple to deploy,
FISPAN does all the heavy lifting

Integrate once, reach many

We are your one point of contact for every ERP vendor

Leverage our expertise

It’s not your job to know every ERP and accounting system - it’s ours

No maintenance burden

We manage, monitor, certify, deploy, and update API connectors continuously

Eliminate batch uploads

We enable automated and near-real-time communications between banks and clients eliminating the manual entry and errors with batch uploads

No lengthy integrations

No more siloed, project-based efforts to establish host-to-host (SFTP) file connectivity. New clients can access integrated banking services instantly

Modernize your service experience

Provide a consumer-grade experience without modernizing legacy backoffice systems

At FISPAN, Trust Is Central

Trust is our core promise to the banks we work with, and the customers they serve.

We assert no data ownership or usage rights
Operational practices rooted in trust
Enforced permitted usages of data (“watermark” on data)

Visit our security page to learn more.

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