For financial institutions

Bring banking services into your client’s systems

FISPAN helps innovative banks to get closer to their clients by embedding their services where they need it the most: at the heart of their operations.

A single connection to FISPAN provides
ERP coverage for thousands of your clients

Level up your bank with FISPAN

Bring your bank into the twenty-first century with
our platform-as-a-service and...

Remove complexity around ERP integration

One connection to FISPAN allows you to embed your bank’s treasury services in any of FISPAN’s supported ERPs.

Get up to speed with fintechs

FISPAN helps banks to compete with Fintechs in the ERP space. Our partners see their transactional and deposit revenue increase by 20-30% by making their payment rails accessible from within the operations of their clients.

Push trusted data into your clients systems

Get rid of screen scraping solutions and take control of your bank data feeds. FISPAN pushes your data, sourced via H2H or API integration with your bank.

Win net new clients

More than 9% of our end-users switched banks to be able to integrate a treasury plugin developed by FISPAN.

Increase stickiness of your offer

Integrating deeper and improving client satisfaction increases the likelihood of building a long-term relationship.

Push new offers based on financial data extracted from ERPs

Our two way connectivity allows your bank to pull real-time accounting and commerce data, unlocking a variety of possibilities such as payment optimization or loan decisioning.

Better banking experiences means
happier clients banking with you

Give your clients access to financial services and products that will enhance their banking experience, improve their productivity, and drive incremental, repeatable revenue.

Discover what FISPAN does for your clients

An enhanced commercial banking
clients experience

Learn how contextual banking makes it possible for your clients to realize the full value chain of the banking experience–on their terms.

Within the ERP, clients can.

Manage payables, receivables, & banking transactions

Purchase other financial services in near real-time

Reconcile their accounts thanks to rich bank data feeds

At FISPAN, trust is central

Privacy Enforced

Trust is our core promise to the banks we work with, and the clients they serve.

No data ownership or usage rights

Operational practices rooted in trust

Enforced permitted usage of data (‘watermark’ on data)

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financial institution partners

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