Our Beliefs

Trust is Core

We strive to be a trusted supplier to our banks and ERP providers, and to foster trust within our team. We aim to inspire trust between banks and businesses through secure and transparent data exchange.

Data Ethics

Data is the strategic asset in today’s economy. We believe the exchange of data must be authorized, permissioned, and verified. We assert no unfair ownership on the data we process.

Why Work For FISPAN?


Located in the historic Marine Building in Downtown Vancouver, FISPAN has access to state of the art amenities including a gym, bike storage, and change rooms.


FISPAN prioritizes employee wellbeing and part of that includes treating you! Coffee is on us with daily Starbucks runs, and the team eats together at a weekly lunch.


We like to know who we’re working alongside. Regular group activities such as run club, hiking, skiing, and even Dumpling Day bring the office together.

Our Technology

FISPAN knows how to support a real product system that provides simple and elegant solutions, using automation to resolve problems fast and efficiently. We are able to take multiple products to market and provide extensive support.

Our Methods

Every technical member pulls from a diverse set of skills and experiences to create great products and take them through constant upgrade and support cycles. FISPAN uses a mix of bulletproof enterprise and new technology to develop robust, reliable systems so that we can relax outside of work.

Our Tools

Leveraging micro-services orchestrated by Docker Swarm, we have developed tools to automate build, versioning, and deployment in order for the team to spend more time doing fun stuff like coding new features and integrations.