Accounts payable
made easy, really easy.

Manage all your business banking in one place and
streamline all your treasury process flow.

Available Integrations

Select your ERP or accounting software:

How FISPAN can
benefit your business

We help you streamline your account payables workflows so you can spend less time on
repetitive tasks and more time focusing on what matters most to your business.

Reconcile faster with data feeds

Get rid of unreliable screen-scraping solutions: We source data directly from your bank and shepherd it into your ERP system. Balance your books easier with data you can trust.

Extensive payment options

Pay your bills and employee expenses using a variety of payment rails, including ACH, Wire, Checkprint, International Wire, CPA, SEPA, and more!

More visibility and control

Follow all your payments at a glance and track real-time status without logging into your bank portal.

Reduce encoding errors

Our two-way connectivity between your bank and your ERP reduces error-prone manual entry, saving you time and money chasing encoding mistakes.

Simple to deploy,
FISPAN does all the heavy lifting

Quick onboarding

Connect and enjoy payment
automation in under 30 minutes.

No maintenance burden

We manage, monitor, certify, deploy and
update API connectors continuously

Books in balance

Real-time debits and credits from
intraday transactions.

Eliminate file uploads

No more file-based processes and tedious manual
data entry.

Ready to enhance your business banking
and treasury management experience

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