Solutions for Small-Medium Businesses

Discover how FISPAN augments your workflow by getting rid of manual entries and adding payment functionality where you need it most — at the heart of your operations.

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Invoice Data Intake

FISPAN covers the entire bill payment process, starting with entering it in your system of record. Advanced OCR capabilities do the heavy lifting for you by extracting and entering all bill details, including line items.

Facilitate Your Approval Flow (Coming Soon)

FISPAN offers capabilities for an approval process that helps your payables team ensure they are paying the right bills. Gone are the days of chasing people around in your organization — FISPAN automates the process for you!

Access the Best Payment Rails

Use your bank's payment rails without compromising accounting connectivity. Paying through FISPAN’s Companion App is quick, doesn’t imply hidden fees, and automates the writing of accounting entries in your system of record.


Be Your Vendor’s Favourite Client

FISPAN’s SMB solutions allow you to automatically send rich remittance information to your vendors, helping them reconcile their receivables, improve communication, and build trust.

Pay Anywhere, Anytime

Our patented browser extension augments your experience across the web, automating tedious tasks and reducing the time switching between your system of record and banking portal.

Rapidly Connect & Scale

Seamlessly integrate your bank into your accounting software in just a few clicks. Our 10-minute installation will save you hundreds of hours that you can use toward higher-value activities.

Get Ready to Streamline Your Payables

Our SMB solutions are currently under development and will be released very soon. Sign up for our beta release and join us as we revolutionize the world of payables.