We sat down with Jason Tiede, Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Chase, to ask him about their experience partnering with FISPAN to provide an embedded banking experience to their corporate clients.

The partnership allows J.P. Morgan to essentially embed their payments and treasury functionality into their clients’ ERP environment. In this Q&A case study, we ask Jason how the two parties met and why J.P. Morgan chose to partner with FISPAN.

In summer 2023, J.P. Morgan officially reached an incredible milestone of 1000 corporate clients on their treasury solution powered by FISPAN
Jason Tiede

Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Chase


The exposed nerve for our clients was 'I’m a Treasurer or CFO of a fast-growing tech company or a life sciences company. I use one of the cloud-based ERP systems for my daily jobs and my teams daily jobs (like Netsuite for example). As our business grows, we would like to use J.P. Morgan’s Global Payments capabilities and receivable capabilities but the real challenge is we don’t necessarily have a ton of resources on the client side to do a more traditional implementation that would require file testing and a lot of integration work'.

So the problem statement from our clients was; ‘Can you bring your services and embed all of what J.P. Morgan offers within my ecosystem without me having to embark upon a large IT project that requires a significant budget or spending?’ Essentially, ‘can I download J.P. Morgan into my environment?’.


Now, through FISPAN, J.P. Morgan offers embedded banking services and end-to-end working capital products to support their client’s treasury and finance teams domestically and on a global basis, with new features being added to reflect their clients’ valued feedback.


"We see this as embedded financial services that we started in a few ERP platforms. We think there are other industry-specific tools and platforms where we can embed ourselves and expand geographically. Then also from our standpoint, expanding products and services. This kind of end-to-end connectivity with our clients is going to allow for new products based around data products and different ways to look at credit and client needs and health."


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