Open Treasury: The ROI of Open Banking
for Corporate and Commercial Banking

Featuring Research & Discussion with Special Guest Enrico Camerinelli of Aite Group
March 24th, 2021
Clayton Weir
Enrico Camerinelli

Treasurers say that if they could combine enterprise data with bank systems data in real time, they believe they would achieve more automation, access richer and quicker information to solve pain points, and run agile, flexible, and real-time solutions. While open banking is often presented in the context of retail banking, its implications will have many ramifications for the enterprise.

In this live webinar hosted by Clayton Weir of FISPAN, with guest Enrico Camerinelli of Aite Group, you will get access to brand new research gleaned from interviews with financial institutions and fintech vendors. We will discuss the composition of the Open Banking ecosystem, assess the maturity of the players, and verify their readiness to build the Open Banking decision support system and monetize their treasury-on-demand solutions. Most importantly, we will talk about how your bank can thrive within an open treasury product.

The results will be presented followed by a lively discussion. Your questions are welcome!
Join Enrico and Clayton as they discuss:
  • The building blocks that banks and their fintech partners must lay down to serve their corporate clients’ treasury-on-demand objectives.
  • How global banks and fintech vendors are doing this today?
  • What North American Banks can learn from the state of play in Europe?
  • The types of use cases and value add solutions corporates desire the most.
Speakers Bios

Clayton Weir

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Clayton R. Weir is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at FISPAN, shaping FISPAN’s vision and execution with an emphasis on people, product, and client success. He previously founded the BC Tech HyperGrowth Accelerator and FinTech Industry Cluster. Clayton sits on the NACHA API Standardization Group, taught Entrepreneurship at the University of British Columbia and is a Vice-Chair and Finance Committee Chair of Canada’s largest independent car sharing organization. He holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Enrico Camerinelli

Senior Analyst at Aite Group

Enrico Camerinelli is a senior analyst at Aite Group specializing in wholesale banking, cash and trade finance, and payments. Based in Milan, he brings a strong European focus to Aite Group’s Wholesale Banking practice. Mr. Camerinelli has been widely quoted by publications ranging from American Banker to Financial Times. He has contributed editorial content to publications such as Supply Chain Europe, and serves as a consulting editor with gtnews. He has spoken at leading trade shows and conferences in Europe, including Sibos and EuroFinance.