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31 March 2021

How Open Banking Can Jumpstart the US Economy [Whitepaper]

If the pandemic has done anything for small businesses, it’s emphasized just how important these companies are to the economy. As they struggle to operate with limited cash reserves and little access to credit, it’s time for the U.S. to open its door to open banking before the growing number of small business closures becomes permanent.

In this whitepaper, we discuss how open banking is imperative for the U.S. economy to recover, and the approaches some American banks are taking to get a head start.

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17 March 2021

It’s Time for Your Company to Stop Using Paper Cheques [Whitepaper]

The corporate world as we know it is becoming, and has become, more digital, more mobile, and increasingly more tech-savvy, but many businesses still find themselves manually signing cheques and mailing them out. It’s time to retire paper payments, before these same businesses quickly become the last cheque writer standing.

In this whitepaper, we uncover four key reasons for businesses to go chequeless and discuss the strategies they can take to fully-digitize their operations.

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19 October 2020

Open Banking in the UK: What Banks Need to Know [Whitepaper]

Open Banking hasn’t, at least not yet, revolutionized the financial industry in the way many had hoped. Why? Because people underestimated just how quickly banks could adopt open banking. This whitepaper will cover what banks need to do next.

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7 July 2020

4 Trends That Could Make Canada a Leader in Financial Innovation [Whitepaper]

If Canada’s banks are going to become global financial innovators, they need to be open-minded when it comes to working with FinTechs and embrace these four key trends. They include open banking, authentication and digital identification, payments modernization, and embedding financial services within other applications. In this whitepaper, we break down each trend and look at how banks can adopt each one.

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23 March 2020

Data Transparency & The Transformation of Corporate Banking [Whitepaper]

Clients want to work with companies that make their lives easier, whether that’s helping them pay their business’s bills faster, improve their accounting capabilities or help them run their operations more efficiently, and they will eventually demand that their banks play nice. By sharing data – in accordance with the customer’s wishes – everyone can benefit.

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13 February 2020

Corporate Banking ERP Strategy Playbook [Whitepaper]

Banks have a new opportunity to drive transformation in the business banking space by offering products that their commercial clients have come to expect. When looking at the strategies to do this, a bank has two options: file-based transfers, or newer, API based strategies. In this white paper we dive into the various ways banks can make this connection, and provide analysis of each one to help inform your strategy.

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18 November 2019

Banks Must Adopt the Cloud or Get Left Behind [Whitepaper]

While the world may be moving to a more cloud based
future, there’s one industry that’s still
resisting change: financial services. According to a
451 Research survey, only 18% of financial services
organizations and banks are fully deployed on the

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