Positioning Banks to Prosper [VIDEO]
Date: 30/10/2019

Big banks offer valuable digital services, but they often struggle to offer the exceptional user experience that customers demand. FISPAN is bridging the gap with a plug and play fintech platform for financial institutions. Founder Lisa Shields explains to Anthony Lacavera why this fintech-driven approach is the future of business banking.

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FISPAN Wins Best in Show for Demo at American Banker’s Small Business Banking conference in L.A.[VIDEO]

Date: 3/12/2019

Why Banks Must Adopt the Cloud or Risk Being Left Behind [Whitepaper]

While the world may be moving to a more cloud based
future, there’s one industry that’s still
resisting change: financial services. According to a
451 Research survey, only 18% of financial services
organizations and banks are fully deployed on the
cloud. So, what’s holding banks back? Read more.

Date: 18/11/2019