FISPAN at Finovate Europe 2022 [VIDEO] - FISPAN
FISPAN at Finovate Europe 2022 [VIDEO]
Date: 25/08/2022

FISPAN’s VP of Europe, Robert Fillmore and Nigel Bateman, Pre-sales and Account Manager present at Finovate Europe 2022 in London, UK. Robert and Nigel demonstrate FISPAN’s embedded banking solution that connects a user’s bank to their ERP or accounting software (in this case Sage Intacct).

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We sat down with Savit Pirl, Managing Director overseeing Digital Payments, Lending, and Automation for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), and Lisa Shields, CEO and Founder of FISPAN Services, to delve into their collaborative journey in redefining the future of banking and financial technology.

Date: 3/11/2023

Elevate your Profile as a Partner in the Banking Integration Landscape

Join us for this live webinar on April 5th, 2023 at 10pm EST/ 10am PST. We will discuss what the entire ERP ecosystem looks like and the different ways consultants can step in and unlock client success like never before. We’ll help you uncover your clients business banking and treasury management needs, discuss how banks are thinking about ERP integrations, and review other distribution channels that are available.

Date: 23/03/2023
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