Corporate Banking ERP Strategy Playbook [Whitepaper]
Date: 13/02/2020

Clients want to work with companies that make their lives easier, whether that’s helping them pay their business’s bills faster, improve their accounting capabilities or help them run their operations more efficiently, and they will eventually demand that their banks play nice. By sharing data – in accordance with the customer’s wishes – everyone can benefit.

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4 Trends That Could Make Canada a Leader in Financial Innovation [Whitepaper]

If Canada’s banks are going to become global financial innovators, they need to be open-minded when it comes to working with fintechs and embrace these four key trends. They include open banking, authentication and digital identification, payments modernization, and embedding financial services within other applications. In this white paper, we break down each trend and look at how banks can adopt each one.

Date: 7/07/2020