FISPAN’s 2021 ERP Banking Initiative

FISPAN is a cloud platform that works exclusively with banks, including J.P. Morgan and City National, to connect them seamlessly with their client’s business systems. We extract the complexity of multiple third-party ecosystems into a single, secure connection with FISPAN's cloud platform.

Bring a team of stakeholders and join us for our FISPAN ERP Banking Readiness Workshop and leave with knowledge of the ERP market and how to enable this new channel at your bank, and create a more connected experience for your business clients.

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“Within the first year, we are seeing billions of dollars flow through the platform. By all metrics, we’re thrilled with the client receptivity and the performance.”

- Jason Tiede, J.P. Morgan Chase

3-step Workshop Journey

Introductions and ERP Banking Overview (60 min)

  • What is business banking connectivity like today?
  • Why is this so important for banks to understand ERP Banking?
  • How can your bank accelerate this journey?

ERP Market Workshop For Banks (60 min)

  • Let us share our experience and expertise connecting many businesses with many ERP’s directly with the bank via a single, secure connection.

A Day-In-The-Life Demo of ERP Business Banking (90 min)

  • Many businesses are already finding value from this new business banking channel and many more are moving to banks that enable it. During this session, we will walk you through a day-in-the-life demo of what your business clients would experience when your bank enables ERP Banking.

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