We sat down with Christina Karlsson, Controller at Picturestart and a client of City National Bank, to ask her about her experience using CNB’s EASI Link Connector, an ERP plug in powered by FISPAN.

With the plug in, FISPAN offers Picturestart a comprehensive set of banking capabilities that are integrated directly into their Sage Intacct environment. In this Q&A case study, we ask Christina how she uses the EASI Link Connector for payment processing and what functionality has helped streamline back office operations.

“Having the integration between our bank and accounting system enables me, as a finance professional, to have less touchpoints to deal with across my workflow. There are fewer places for things to go wrong, improved accuracy, and huge overall time and cost savings.”
Christina Karlsson

Controller, Picturestart

The Challenge

As Picturestart’s Controller, I wear many hats, managing finance, operations, HR, and even acting as the office construction site manager. Since I’m the only one involved in the AP process, it was important for me to have a system that streamlined our treasury management workflow in one place. With a single point of entry to our accounts payable, I would no longer have to go into each record separately to check that each bill has been paid.

There would also be times when I would release a wire, but it wouldn’t show up immediately in the accounting system, so the dates wouldn’t match up. That caused a lot of confusion and manual reconciliation.

Since there were so many moving parts, I would save up all of our bills during the week and sit down and process them all in one go because otherwise, it would just take up too much time.

The Solution

Now, through FISPAN and CNB’s EASI Link Connector, Christina is able to spend less time on tedious, manual accounting tasks, and be more present in her many other roles. Picturestart’s treasury workflow is now embedded into their native Sage Intacct environment, establishing bi-directional connectivity between their bank and ERP for quick, easy, and secure payment processing, reconciliation, and cash management.

Increased Automation

“It pushed us to look more deeply into our current workflow process. We now understand that we are getting so much more out of Intacct, and that wouldn’t have been possible without CNB and EASI Link. It has also made us think more carefully about the technology we use. We are now more likely to take a step back and ask ourselves, is this the best way we could be doing this? Are there opportunities to automate this process?”

“It would be extremely disruptive at this point if we were to switch banks. The connector is now such an integrated part of our banking experience and treasury workflow. We are definitely more connected with City National Bank now, and very reliant on the connector.”

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