We sat down with Cindy Uribe, Director of Accounting and Expense Management at CCSA, and a client of City National Bank, to ask her about her experience using CNB’s EASI Link Connector, an ERP plug in powered by FISPAN.

With the plug in, FISPAN offers CCSA a comprehensive set of banking capabilities that are integrated directly into their NetSuite ERP environment. In this Q&A case study, we ask Cindy how she uses the EASI Link Connector for AP processing and how it has helped improve CCSA’s internal workflow.

“Knowing that I wasn’t alone and if I ran into issues someone was available to help, brought me peace of mind. The customer support was the best part of the onboarding and installation experience.”
Cindy Uribe

Director, Accounting and Expense Management, CCSA

The Challenge

Our AP process was predominantly manual, and we’d have to physically file everything for our own recordkeeping. It got to the point where it was so time consuming that we actually outsourced the work just to get all the filing done. We also paid our vendor bills weekly, and depending on the volume, it could take anywhere between 3-7 hours — it would often take up the majority of my day.

Sometimes, I was so rushed that I didn’t even have the time to stop and check to see if any of the addresses had changed. This resulted in unnecessary mailing errors that required me to tediously void and/or reissue payments, especially when checks got lost in the mail.

The Solution

Now, through FISPAN and CNB’s EASI Link Connector, Cindy is able to spend less time physically printing and stuffing checks, taking them to the post office, and filing them, especially when going into the office is currently not an option. CCSA’s treasury workflow is now embedded into their native NetSuite environment, establishing bi-directional connectivity between their bank and ERP for quick, easy, and secure payment processing, reconciliation, and cash management.

The Outcome

“This tool has been a major time saver, and it has also turned out to be a huge asset during COVID because of the reality of remote work. Our auditors were happy to learn that I’m not printing checks at home! Overall, it has really helped us to rethink and streamline our AP process. Using the EASI Link Connector has not only been a great learning experience for our team, but it’s allowed us to take a step back and improve our entire workflow.”


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