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Enable Customers To Onboard Their Software To Your Bank In 20 Minutes, Tops.

FISPAN is a new way for banks to better serve business clients. Transform the commercial banking experience with embedded bankbranded commercial banking applications.

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Allows you to be in the customer experience business, not the ERP expertise business.

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Enable clients to permission their data shared with the bank and ensure safe, secure, two-way data flow.

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Operates smoothly with both modern and cloud-based applications and proprietary, on-premise, legacybased systems.

Do More For Your Customers So They Can Do More For You.

Give your customers access to financial services and products that will enhance their banking experience, improve their productivity and drive incremental, repeatable revenue for you.

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View open and outstanding bills and real-time cash position with a simple plug-in
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History pages provide easy access to a rich level of transaction data
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One-click bill payments without the need for files and without re-keying data
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Two-way sync of transaction data automates the bank reconciliation process
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Debits and credits from intraday transactions

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