Acumatica MyBank Companion App

The Companion App works as an intermediary, bringing together live banking and accounting information to enhance your payables experience within the native Acumatica environment.

Directly Manage Your Payables in the Companion App


Smart Integration

Integrates behind the scenes with your Acumatica account


Direct Payment

Directly pays bills through connected bank accounts via multiple payment rails

transaction info

Transaction Information

Retrieves balances and transaction information directly from your bank


Real-Time Vendor Profiles Update

Pulls vendor information from your Acumatica in real-time

What You Can Do with the Companion App


Pay Invoices

Pay for open and approved invoices that are pulled in directly from your Acumatica ERP


Select Payment Method

Set your desired payment method for each invoice and select the account to credit from in the Source Account dropdown menu


View Payment Status

Stay up-to-date with your submitted payments via payment statuses on the Payment History page


Set Up Vendor Profiles

Store vendor preferences, such as setting default payment methods and grouping bill payments to reduce transaction fees


Summarize Transaction History

View detailed summaries of your account balances in real time and scale an infinite number of accounts across any currency


Export As CSV

Export your transactions as a CSV, properly formatted to Acumatica for simple account reconciliation

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